Gillespie Rentals

Equipment Rental
Has Never Been Easier.

TZ 50

55' working height
battery powered

$325 / Day
$1250 / Week

Teupen LEO 23GT

towable, (comes with trailer)
75' working height
track driver,
lift fits through a 40" gate
diesel powered (for outdoor / AC powered for interior operation)

$800 / Day
$2800 / Week

Wallenstein BXTR6438

Chipping Capacity 7" (17cm)
Hydraulic Roller Feed System
Total Weight 2225 lbs
2" Hitch
999CC Gas Engine
360 Degree Swivel Chute

$200 / Day
$350 / Weekend
$600 / Week

Why Gillespie Rentals

We’re dedicated to making equipment rental in Ottawa as easy and as painless as possible. No more standing in long, painful checkout lines at the rental shop. We use this equipment ourselves and we know what people want – the right equipment for the job, an easy booking process, and the ability to pickup equipment rentals quickly and conveniently. Our 5-minute contactless pickup process also allows our customers to save on delivery fees!

fully automated
contactless pick
up and drop off

easy schedule,
easy pay, all
through our website

secure and gated access
to unit, pin pad access,
lock box key given to
access lift

24/7 Pickup & Dropoff

You’ll have 24/7 access to your equipment via our secure, gated facility. Just drive in and hook up and you’re good to go!

Live Chat Support

Our friendly, responsive team members are available during regular business hours to help with bookings or to answer questions.

Save the Delivery Fee!

Not only is our pickup process quick and painless, our towable equipment allows you to save big on delivery fees!

Choose your date and time and pick up at our secured storage facility, no hassle, no worries. 24 HRS prior to your rental period you will be sent the gate and lock box codes allowing you to pick up at your leisure.

Our Story

Gillespie Rentals is committed to providing rental equipment in Ottawa to contractors who need it the most.  Our dedication to making Ottawa rentals as fast and painless as possible is something that puts our equipment rental company apart from most.  Our 24/7 contactless pick up and drop off, takes express equipment rental to the next level – you can learn more about Gillespie equipment rentals by emailing or calling us at the information provided below.
We currently have the following construction equipment for rent in Ottawa:
Wallenstein Wood Chipper BXTR6438F – this wood chipper has a 7inch chipping capacity and is easily towed.
Genie TZ50 aerial lift – this lift is great for getting ultimate reach, and range while still being easy to tow and maneuver to and around the job site.
Heatcon Composite Deck Board Bender – this heater allows you to bend and form composite deck boards into any shape you want.  Shipping for our composite deck board bender is available outside of Ottawa upon request.